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Qbee Children's Books

Written by John Trivelli     

  Illustrated by Anthony Snyder

Qbee Children's Books is a whole series of books you will enjoy for years to come. This series is based on a young bee named Qbee, who is always wondering what he wants to be when he grows up.

The series begins with Qbee introducing himself, where he lives and how he watched the home builders build his home. This makes him wonder if he might want to be a home builder when he grows up. Each succeeding book embarks on a fun and exciting occupation.

Collect the whole series and have fun reading all about the wonderful adventures Qbee has in his imagination!

Qbee's Big Day is Qbee's first chapter book! 171 pages of adventure as Qbee and three of his friends are allowed to explore their town for the very first time on their own. On their way to Qbee's grandmother's house and back, the three kids visit many fun and exciting places and of course, Qbee spends much of the time imagining all the different things he can be when he grows up. Enjoy experiencing Qbee's journeys in your own imagination in Qbee's Big Day!

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